Day 11: Revelstoke to Canyon Hot Springs

Hey folks!

I'm going to start to try and post updates more often. The first couple weeks was really busy, planning routes, meals, places to stay etc. But since we're getting better at settling up and taking down our lives in and out of our packs, I hope to have more time to use this space as a daily journal. 

Last time you heard from us we were getting ready to leave Phyllis and Steve's place in Kelowna. Today, we're in the Albert Canyon between Revelstoke and Golden, BC. Lets try and get you caught up. 

The ride from Kelowna to Vernon was a hot one but only about 50 km to our next hosts, Katie and Dusty's. I decided that day I should start keeping some tallies to keep our minds sharp in the hot sun. The only thing we had already started counting was dead critters, living critters and trucks that got too close. I can't remember what we were at that day but currently dead critters are eay ahead with 18. 11 and 12 were both birds less than 20 feet from eachother so Catherine and I decided it must've been the same stone that got them. Rest easy our fethered friends. Trucke that got too close are in second with 7. We thought it was fitting that the only vehicle that got too close on our way to Sicamous was a suped up Hummer. Last place goes to living critters with only 5. Buut! One of them was a shaggy dog that followed us for about 10 minutes. So that's gotta be worth more, it is in my books anyways. 

From Vernon we were chased by a storm most of the day and we were able to stay ahead of it. It was blue skys ahead and black ones behind us. Always moving forward, we ended the 89km day at Yard Creek Provincial Park. 

Yard Creek to Revelstoke was another hot day with a lot of hills and our first taste of head winds. Not terrible, but enough to respect how much they can slow you down. It was only a 59km day and we beat our record for the amount of km's we went in an hour! Or at least that's what I thought Catherine said when we were on the road. It's kinda windy put there

 We took a rest day in Revelstoke to prepare for Rodger's Pass. That's what we're doing in the morning. 116km with over 1000m incline. It's doable but it'll take a good chunk of the day and a bigger chunk of calories. We have about 12 lbs of food with us to keep our energy up. Most of it being bananas. I couldn't eat bananas before this trip. The smell of them used to make me sick. I've eaten more bananas in the past week than I have in the past 25 years. They're packed with nutrients, potassium and all the calories a growing long distance cyclist needs. 

And that pretty much brings us to now. I'm going to get some sleep and then bike up and over the Rodger's Pass. 


Night all, see you on the other side. 




Bob Essex