Day 12: Canyon Hot Springs to Golden, BC

On Day 12 we did Rodger's Pass. It was the mountain pass that everyone in BC warned us about and it was no easy feat. But we did it and I think al those warnings had us more worried than we had to be. It was an 1100m incline and with nothing between the Canyon and Golden, we had to do it alone. Sort of. We met another cross countrier from Quebec and passed eachother mosy of the day, stopping each time to make sure everyone was alive and had enough water. It was a great motivator and we wish Genevieve a great trip. 

It wasn't a very exciting day for wildlife, except for the bear that walked up to the tent with a sleeping Catherine inside. I had gone to the bathroom and when I came out I saw a bear walking down the road. He was checking out the dumpsters that someone left open but a car scared him into the bush. The bush that backed on to our campsite... I went the long way around and sure enough, Big Smokey was sniffing all throughout our group site. He was still a good 50 ft from our tent so I called to Cat and told her to come out the back of the tent. She couldn't hear me so I moved closer but the bear turned and walked straight up to the tent. Sniffed our water bottles and the picnic table we ate supper on just 12 hrs earlier then turned and looked at me. I saw a stick in front of me and broke it with my foot making a medium loud cracking noise. He just snorted, it was cold enough to see ol' BS's breath and then he walked back off into the bush. It was the bear story I was hoping for. Because everyone needs a bear story, but you need to be alive to tell it. 

Only one Semi got too close today and I counted the bear as a critter so our new totals are:

18 Resting Critters

7 Too Close for Comfort Trucks 

6 Animal Friends that are Alive and Well


We have another 100km day today, making it our first time doing over 100km two days in a row. We want to start making that the norm now that most of the mountains are behind us. Just one more pass tomorrow and then it's foothills and headwinds for us. 


Happy Travels All


Bob Essex