Day 18 & 19 Calgary to Munson, AB

Day 18

After breakfast with Jeff and a long talk about how the world is, has been and can be, we biked out of Calgary. Stopped at a few post offices through becoming more and more frustrated that they were all closed. I think I said out loud "doesn't anyone work in this city?". About an hour later we'd realize that it was Sunday and everything was actually fine. That was the set up for the whole day. 

It was a beautiful day, our bikes biked, our legs legged the 74 kilometers into Beiseker without issue as our minds contemplated how to pronounce Beiseker. But we both felt off and grumpy. Nothing too serious but enough that we noticed and decided just to laugh about it instead. We found a nice municipal campground on the highway run by even nicer folks. After setting up the tent we decided to splurge on a campfire, it was a really nice evening and we both forgot about sour morning moods. I cleaned the chains while Cat cleaned our shorts and then we cooked dinner together. Kraft Dinner and salami with extra chili pepper cheese thrown in. Deeeeelicious!

Day 19

We had a good morning and chatted with our neighbors from Portugal and Poland. We boiled them some water and they gave us some food they weren't going to eat. We scored a can of tuna, a jar of apricot jelly, 3 naans and some onion chip dip. You know, the basics. 

We got a text from our friend Carly, who had found us a place to stay in Munson, AB so we packed up and headed out. It was a good day but a hot one. With the wind at our backs and not a single tree on the horizon, we had a quick pace but were dripping with sweat. It got up to 32° so when we passed through Drumheller we shared a slurpee and some melted chocolate. All in all it was a great day. I could feel my brain melting as we pedaled out of the ravine in Drumheller but we made it to Munson shortly after and were greeted by our wonderful hosts, Gerald and Claira. 

After a big steak dinner and sunset conversation we found our way to bed. Sleep comes easy for us these days. 

Today we're headed down the #9 highway and won't know where we're staying until we get there. It's a really simple way to live and we can't get enough of it. 


Happy trails,


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