Day 35 to 41 Portage la Prairie & Winnipeg, Mb

Day 35 Portage to Winnipeg, Mb

I finished writing the blog as Catherine started waking. The sunlight was coming through the drapes and I realized how much I needed a coffee. I started up a pot and we got ready for the day. As we were headed out the door we noticed Catherine's tire was flat again. Second in two days and we didn't have any tubes. Catherine's grandparents were headed out to grab some of our bags so we weren't too worried... but we definitely dodged a bullet. 

We decided that I should go ahead while Catherine and her grandparents went and bought a tube and fixed her tire. I took some muscle milk and pushed off into what was left of the morning. I had to make up some time because we'd already told some friends and family we were getting in between 3 and 4pm. It was an easy ride and before I knew it, I was rolling up to Eli. I chatted with a semitruck driver for about 5 minutes when Catherine rolled up with her grandparents. We got her unloaded and after some more muscle milk we were off. The last stretch was the worst potholes we've seen yet and probably the most excited we'd been about biking so far too. We pulled into The Forks and were welcomed by friends and family, ice cream and beer. Thank you to everyone who came down to greet us, we couldn't have asked for a warmer welcome. We retired to my mom's place for some hot dogs and a campfire. 

Day 36 - 41 Winnipeg 

We stayed with friends and family, got lots of sleep and even more food. Had campfires when we could and still found some time to bike a little each day. My phone was acting up the whole week. I apologize for the lack of posts. I can't promise much better in Northwestern Ontario but hopefully our phones hold up. 

On the night of the 19th we had a fundraiser dinner at Tony Roma's on St. James. It was our last chance to get hugs from friends and family before we took off in the morning. All together we raised about $700, a big success :D Thanks to my mom and sisters for setting everything up and to Cat's parents and my mom again for donating the door prizes. We'd also like to thank everyone who came out! It was so nice to hug everyone before we left. We miss you all already!

Chat soon,


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