Day 42 - 45 Winnipeg to Dryden

Day 42-43-44 Winnipeg to Whitemouth River Campground to Kenora to Vermillion Bay 

We were late getting back on the road but mostly because I had to wait until noon to register online for school but I was out of data so it was the last errand before we left wifi. 

These three days were HOT and SWEATY. Being in the sun all day, you really start to feel it cook your head. We didn't get too sick but definitely felt the onset of sunstroke. The past few days sort of blended together, hot, hilly, sunscreen, water, everything's sweaty, you get the idea. So.. the next chunk of the blog is going to be things I'm pretty sure happened but not really sure of the chronology. 

Biking out of Winnipeg felt pretty good. It was a late start but we had no pain our legs. For the first time in a long time, we had power, we felt good. That lasted for about two hours. I asked Catherine at some point that day, "hey, you remember that time we ate those old bugers and then felt sick and fluy the next day..? Yeah I got a lot of that going on, just not in my stomach." Things weren't exactly that bad but by the time we got to the campsite, we were drained. We stopped in at Walker's Bait and Tackle at some point that day. We only stopped to get some shade and a cold drink but was offered a free bucket of fries and fresh cold water for our packs. It was a really beautiful gesture and kept us going for the rest of the day. 

When we got to the campground, the people there were very excited to have us. They told us they get a lot of bikers through and then showed us where a turtle tried to barry her egg. Real cool people, check out Whitemouth River Campground for sure. We got out around 11am on Thursday. It hurt to bike that day, I remember that. I'm pretty sure that's the morning a great blue heron took off out of the ditch just 20 feet from us. One of the coolest sights I've seen. 

And with that I've got to get some sleep. Will post the reat when I can. 

Safe travels,


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