Day 42 - 46 Winnipeg to Dryden Continued

Oof.. I was tired last night. I was too tired to try and figure out how to save a draft post so I just signed off and published it haha. We'll just continue on where we left off. 

Day 43  Whitemouth River Campground to Kenora 

Anyways.. yes, we got out late, about 11am but the temperature was already getting up there.  We stopped for a morning snack at Prawda and got Gatorades for later in the day. The sights all through this area were beautiful. Rolling hills, lakes, trees, rocks you name it, Ontario has it. 

We stopped in Falcon Lake for lunch and stocked up on sunscreen. It was a long sunny ride into Kenora. We stopped for about 45 minutes in the afternoon to get out of the sun and take in water. We found a shady spot in a meadow of orange flowers tucked behind a giant yellow lawn chair. It was a lakeview away from being THE Cottage Country spot. Feeling refreshed and the sun a little lower we biked into Kenora for a supper at Bob's Burgers. We needed the sustenance as well as the 5 glasses of water and 4 glasses of pop. We got to the campground as the sun was setting. Pitching a tent in the dark isn't hard but you know the morning won't be fun. We needed a reset day. A day to switch over to biking in the morning and arriving in the afternoon. 

Day 44 Kenora to Vermillion Bay 

Bob invited us back for breakfast and we looked at the maps while we ate. Vermillion Bay was 95km away and Dyden was another 45km after that. We decided to take 2 days to get to Dryden and have the 45km day be our reset day. With the plan made, we felt a lot better but it was already 11:15 am and we knew we were in for another long one. It didn't cool off over night but it did get more humid. Water was even more important. There wasn't much between Kenora and Vermillion so our breaks were scenic. On lake beds, in amongst the pines and on top of the large rocks left behind by glaciers. It was a pretty day. A pretty, long day. But pretty. Vermillion Bay was quieting down by the time we rolled in. We got some deep fried meats at the local bar before heading to the gas station to get lunch for the next day. 

Day 45 - 46 Vermillion Bay to Dryden, ON

It was a short ride into Dryden and we got rained on as we came into Dryden. It was a huge relief to be out of the sun. We also got news that the Best Western here in Dryden wanted to put us up a night for free. Thanks to Mike Readman for everything and Cheryl and Kevin in Brandon for making the connection!  We enjoyed the room and slept most of the afternoon away. Went for a walk before eating at the B&B Roadhouse. Went for another walk in the evening and by the time we got back to the room we were both half asleep. I attempted a blog post while Catherine crocheted but we both fell asleep within the hour. 

We're in Dryden a second day and have spent most of it recovering from the heat exhaustion. Not much excitement, a lot of naps and walks. Back on the road tomorrow. 


Bob Essex