Day 69 - Day 72 Toronto - Chaffey's Lock, On.

Day 69 - Toronto, On. to Cedar Valley Resort

After 4 days off, waking up early was a bit difficult but we managed to get 15km down the road before breakfast around 8:30am. We stopped at a Coffee Time and made a little home for ourselves in a corner window overlooking the bikes.

I chattered with a guy in line for a couple minutes and he insisted on buying us breakfast. He was cool enough about it that I could tell this wasn't the first time he'd fed a stranger. He carried on with his day, as did we. We had almost a full day along the north shores of Lake Ontario. The path was paved most of the day but took us on a lot of windy detours, so we hopped on and off it and the hwy to save our legs and some daylight.

Near the end of our day we met a fellow cyclist from the area and chatted while we biked. He showed us some cool trails and views of the lake, then rode with us a while and we found him a new path to explore. It was one of those experiences I'll never forget.

All the biking around and chatting with Simon set us back a bit but we still made it to the campsite both fed and watered, ready for bed by 9:00pm.

Day 70 - Cedar Valley Resort to Presqu'ile Provincial Park, On.

It was a short day to Presqu'ile Provincial Park. There was a bridge that was out blocking our access to the other campground in the area so our decision was made for us. It should've been a straightforward day but the heat was getting to us and we got lost a few times. Stopped for supper at an Irish pub on the way to the campsite to refuel. It gave us just enough energy to set up the campsite and go to bed.

Day 71 - Presqu'ile Provincial Park to Sydenham, On.

We felt much better in the morning and were headed to our first Warmshowers host 130km away. Warmshowers is a networking site for cyclists while they're on the road and connects them with people/families willing to host them. Our first WS was Soo's backyard where we'd be camping out for the night. It was another hot day and we were able to stay positive for the most of it.

On the way, we met fellow cyclist, Joseph, in Tyendenega Territory, On. who spent his days riding around picking up trash on the side of the road. He was really excited to meet us and we were blown away by his positivity and willingness to help his community. He was off to buy a pack of cigarettes, we all had a good laugh about it. He probably does as many kilometers as us each day looking for litter and stopping for smoke breaks. He said he has a good laugh with his doctor each month as well, but the doctor doesn't laugh along with him though. We wished him well and he told us once more how excited he was for us.

We made it into Sydenham around 7:30 pm and Soo was still out for an evening in the city but left us 6L of drinking water in various jugs and bottles. We set up camp and were asleep by 10:00 pm.

Day 72 - Sydenham to Chaffey's Lock

We started the day with our WH hosts Soo and Richard, who put out a nice breakfast for us. Soo saw Catherine's hula hoop and asked excitedly for a lesson. She said she usually got her guests to wash dishes or something like that but thought a hooping lesson would be a lot more beneficial to her. They hooped for a good 45 minutes while we had big talks about the world, the universe and where our hearts, minds and souls fit in it all. I think we all concluded that we're all just here, we're all just human and we all just want to love and be loved. Something we all seemed to know but needed to hear and be reminded of.

We decided we should get going and headed out around 10:00 am. Less than 2 minutes later, Catherine took a fall and landed on her wrist. She didn't think it was too bad at first but after about a half hour of riding, she was feeling pretty sore, only able to bike 2 or 3 minutes at times before needing a break. Ever the trooper she made it 30km to just outside Chaffey's Lock. We got help there by asking at a fish fry. Trish and Chuck graciously offered us a room and helped us to there place down the road. They went back to the fish fry and left us to figure what we needed to figure.

We didn't think her wrist was too bad but would need at least 3 or 4 days off before it wasn't sore and then maybe more after that to work up to 100km days. Not wanting to damage it more, she decided to head home. We unpacked all Cat's bags into mine and switched her front rack over to my bike as well. We headed to bed thinking it'd be the last for a while that we'd spend together, but the universe had other plans.

Hayley would make it there less than 14 hours after hearing about what happened to help Catherine home safely. She arrived and picked us up for breakfast. Afterwards we slowly packed up my bike, trying to put off saying goodbye. We took a picture together, hugged a long hug and then I biked off down the hill. I looked back a few times and they faded into the distance. I was headed south to Brockville, then east to as far as my legs would take me.

To be continued.. hopefully soon, thank you all for your patience.

Until next time,

Bob Essex