Bob's Bike Ride in the Media

Photo by John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

Photo by John Woods / Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press - April 25, 2018

In the winter, Essex began volunteering at LDAM, which offers a host of programs and resources for individuals and families living with learning disabilities. "They have a lot of great kids there and adults too," he says. "Over the past year, I've built some really great friendships there." And because of Bob's Bike Ride, he's even become something of a celeb among the kids there. "I haven't even left yet, and people are already being affected."

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A Passion Project Podcast - April 17, 2018

Bears, bike butts, and belly laughs, oh my!

On this episode of A Passion Podcast, we chat with Bob Essex and Catherine Rusk from Bob’s Bike Ride. This May, they’ll be lugging their 2-wheel steel machines to Vancouver and riding coast to coast to raise awareness for the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba!

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